AC Motors
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AC Motors
AC Motors

Introduction YJ13YJ13A for Oilfield Use
     YJ13 And YJ13A motor are squirrel cage variable frequency speed regulating asynchronous motor developed for the first AC-DC-AC electric drive oil-drilling machine. They take international advanced insulation processes and special measures protecting the bars from braking. The center height and installation dimension of the motors are the same as that of imported DC oil drilling motor. Their main features are: large torque, wide range constant power speed regulating, free maintenance, high universality, efficiency and reliability. YJ13 and YJ13A motor can be used as slurry pump motor, rotary table motor or winch motor of AC drive oil drilling machine.

Rated power: 800Kw
Rated voltage: 550V
Rated current: 1040A
Rated rotating speed: 660r/min
Rated frequency: 33.5Hz
Rated power factor:
Rated efficiency: 95%
Rated torque: 11575N.m
Max.current: 1560A
Max.torque: 17360N.m
Max.con power rotating speed: 1060 r/min
Max.frequency: 54Hz
Insulation class: 200
Cooling: Forced air
Protection class: Plus pressure explosion-proof
Mass: 3100Kg