DC Motors
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DC Motors
DC Motors

Introduction YZ08YZ08A for Oilfield Use
     YZ08 and YZ08A DC motor are high power series excited DC motor developed for electric drive oil drilling machine. The international adva -nced technology has been adopted in it such as Kapton insulation process, main pole coils formed by hot pressing, pressed and welded frame, spiral slot of commutator, reacting brush holder, wire banding etc. The main features of the motors are as follows: plus pressure explosion-proof, high current, large torque, wide range constant power speed regulating, free maintenance, high universality, efficiency and reliability. Their outline installation dimension is strictly in accordance with that of imported DC oil drilling motor. The oil drilling motor can be used instead of the imported one. They can function as slurry pump motor, rotary table motor and winch motor of DC electric drive drilling machine. Facing from the driving end, the terminal out of YZ08 is on the right side, and from YZ08A is on the left side.

Rated power: 800Kw
Rated voltage: 750V
Rated current: 1150A
Rated rotating speed: 970r/min
Rated efficiency: 93%
Rated torque: 8033.7N.m
Max.current: 1600A
Max.torque: 12206.4N.m
Max.rotating speed: 1500r/min
Exciting: series
Insulation class: H/H
Cooling: Forced air
Protection class: plus pressure explosion-proof
Mass: 3200Kg