Fluid End Modules
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Fluid End Modules
pump modules(complete module or module with stud&nut)

We can supply various pump modules(complete module or module with stud&nut), the modules has following features:

(1)     Heat-treated and internally hardened for high durability ; available in various materials to meet a wide range of applications ;standard one-or and/or two-piece configuration ,with designs available for pressure of 5000,7500,and 10000psi (351,527,and 703kg/cm2); discharge connections available on each side ; suction connections on each side or front center .
(2)     Adapt most third party fluid-end modules to the mud pumps ,eliminating the need for drilling contractors to stock fliud end parts from several manufacturers ,Supply heated ,internally hardened forged alloy steel modules ,if the drilling contractor doesn’t specify third party fliud ends .
(3)     Made from the premium alloy steel AISI8620 or 4135 , with thermal refining treatment ,rigid inspection ,as well as the strict Nondestructive Examination performed for ensuring no internal flaw .