• YG - 180 Travelling Block&Hook Block
  • YG - 180 Travelling Block&Hook Block
  • YG - 180 Travelling Block&Hook Block
  • YG - 180 Travelling Block&Hook Block

YG - 180 Travelling Block&Hook Block

YG-180 traveling block hook is an absolutely necessary lifting equipment used in the oil field operation. The product can work with various service machine and tractor hoist , and meet the needs of medium repair and minor repair in the oil field.

Technical Specification

 Maximum Loading                1800KN

Pulley number                    4/pcs

O.D. of sheave                   900mm

O.D. of wire rope                29mm

the main hook opening size       184mm

spring maximum lifting distance   178mm

 overall size                      3293×940×675mm

 Weight                         4400Kg

Lift rings is lifting mechanism for the wear of wire rope, it can brought the traveling hook and provid convenient conditions for wearing wire rope.

Pulley block assembly using coaxial paratactic type structure, and fixed connectionon with the side plates. It has sufficient strength, the pulley can free rotation without mutual interference , so you can make the traveling block used  good with crown on the derrick . The pulley bearing are reliably sealed and oiling device, it provides convenient conditions for use and maintenance.

Bearing assembly has two functions,  First, it can guarantee the force transfer between the pulley block and the hook, reliable and safe.  It equipped with a thrust bearing, can make the hook rotate freely in the load case. Second, it is equipped with spring, have enough stretch and rebound distance, when in the shackle, it can make the tubing (or drill pipe) automatic promotion when the tubing (or drill pipe) thread from the collar screw , to prevent damage to screw head.

Hook assembly is composed of hook body, hanging rings clasp, safe guard door and the catch lever. It can be used to hang  water swivel or links and elevator. Because they have enough strength and safety reliable measures, so the use of safe and reliable.

Rotary positioning mechanism is a device , at the bottom of the bearing body . It can make the hook rotate freely, and can make the hook fixed at any position of eight direction, it provides an important condition for the use of the traveling  block hook.

Method of application

Before using the traveling block hook,  you should check the pulley are not stiff, and then open the positioning pin,  turn the hook to observe whether the rotate freely, When all the normal , it can be used. When in use, the first with a thin steel wire rope (3/8 ") to penetrate into the lifting ring, hang the hook on  the derrick, let the hook body off the ground. then unscrew the shield upper nut (one on each side ), after rotating bolt can rotate the guard board, make the pulley exposed, then you can be very convenient to the wire rope penetrates, After insert the steel rope, back the guard board to start position and lock it. When using the water swivel,  open the safety door an angle swing outwards, the lifting ring of water seivel is sheathed on the main hook mouth. Note, the baffle is installed, tighten the bolt and nut, confirmed no abnormal, it can be used. When need to rotate the hook body, rotating disk manually can release or binding positioning pin.