• Valve Body&Seats

Valve Body&Seats

We supply several types of the pump valve bodys&seats according to customers’ requirement, these types are as below:

A/Stem Guided Valves&Cross-arms Seats

Stem guided valves&cross-arms seat features an extra wide metal to metal seal on the valve flange. The serrated upper surface on the valve gives a longer non-breathing seal between valve body and insert while the rigid seat cross-arms give greater strength and positive sealing.

The strong, thick, valve knock off nut holds the insert tightly reducing flex and breathing which lessens the chance of foreign matter getting between valve and insert.

B/Three Wing Valves&Full Open Seats

Three-wing guided valves and full open seats is forged with premium forged steel. the flow is bigger compare with four-wing valves and full open seats. The valve rubber can mount on the valve body directly, don’t need to use plates and sanp rings, have a longer service life.

C/Double Angle O-ring Valve

The Double Angle O-ring Valve is made with a tough one piece body to run more hours between change outs. It’s made with carburized premium alloy steel to resist wear, provide a positive seal and help protect against wash out or damage to the pump.

D/Standard Plate Type Valve

The standard plate type valve is extremely durable to its premium forged alloy steel body and its unique design. It has been proven by more than 50 years of oilfield service. To prevent dry pistons and liners at start up, the valve features a patented double angle polyurethane insert that maintains cylinder priming during pump shut down. The precise control of insert pre-load is accomplished with a flat ground insert retaining plate and split retainers. The insert can be replaced in the field with minimum down time.

E/Four-wing Valves&Full Open Seats

There are two types for the four-wing valves&full open seats: welded guided valves and forged guided valves. They feature great fluid flow and easy put out of valve seats. the welded guided valves use direct valve rubbers without plates and snap rings, the guide use premium cast steel and welded together with valve body. the forged valve and guide are forged together with premium forged steel with a high strength and longer service life.

F/Raw Materials for Valves&Seats

We can also supply customer forged raw materials of Valves&Seats.

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