• Mud Pump&Pump Package

Mud Pump&Pump Package

As one main part of the mud circulating system, it can transmit high pressure liquid up to 35Mpa (5000PSI) with enormous displacement, the pressure depends on the size of piston and the rated power of pump ranges from 350HP to 2200HP.

Our company mainly supply the following four series mud pumps: F series Mud Pumps, PZ series Mud Pumps, 3NB series Mud Pumps and BW series Mud Pumps.

F series Mud Pumps include: F-500 F-800F-800F-1000F-1300F-1600F-2200

PZ series mud pumps include:PZ-7, PZ-8, PZ-9, PZ-10, PZ-11

3NB series Mud Pumps include: 3NB-3503NB-5003NB-500, 3NB-6003NB-8003NB-10003NB-10003NB-10003NB-13003NB-1300C, 3NB-16003NB-2200

BW series Mud Pumps include:BW-300, BW-600, BW-850, BW-900, BW-1200

F series mud pumps are developed and improved by our company based on the characteristics of the F series mud pumps of American EMSCO Company, with work performances greatly improved.

PZ series mud pumps are developed and improved by our company on the basis of the PZ series mud pumps of American Gardner Denver Company, and their performance has reached and surpassed the international standard.

The 3NB series mud pumps are the new type mud pumps independently developed by our company after combining characteristics and performance of all kinds of triplex single action mud pumps. Characterized by low price and well durability, the pumps are widely recognized by CNPC, SINOPEC and other large oil and gas drilling companies.

The BW series mud pumps are very small mud pump that used in the water well drilling and geological drilling etc.

We can supply the unitized mud pump packages driven by DC/AC electric motors or diesel engines for electric and mechanical drilling rigs. The client can select DC or AC motors and diesel engine brands such as Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins or others. Our unitized mud pump packages including everything on the skid and usually they are ready to work at delivery. According to the drive type, it can divided into four types as: Air Clutch Transmission, Hydraulic Coupling Transmission, Electric Motor Drive and Chain Drive.

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